Saturday, November 18, 2006

Heavy petting

Daily TelegraphAsk Chris Munnion
Relief for zebras as randy rhinoceros finds a mate.

A LIBIDINOUS but confused rhinoceros which killed three zebras in its urge to mate has finally found a partner of the same species, officials at Marloth Park nature reserve in eastern South Africa announced yesterday.

The orphan rhino, named Frikkie, had initially been lonely and frustrated, said Andre Lubbe, town clerk of the village that looks after the park, adjoining the Kruger game reserve. Mr Lubbe said: "He had an identity problem and attempted to mount the female zebras in the reserve, killing three of them by jumping on their backs, breaking their hind legs and crushing them to death."

The park acquired a female rhino, Frieda, but it took Frikkie some time before he showed any interest. "This week the rangers were delighted to spot the couple busy together near a waterhole," Mr Lubbe said. "Frikkie eventually collapsed
from exhaustion and has been resting in the water, but he has obviously discovered his proper role. He has not looked at another zebra."

Yet another reason to bin those old safari pants you've been hanging onto...

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