Friday, December 01, 2006

Rocking the Boat
Swingers left high and dry by fantasy ship

Today’s Guardian reports hundreds of disappointed swingers are out of pocket after the MS Atlantis, a luxury cruise ship for ‘open-minded couples’, failed to turn up for its maiden voyage from Marseille.
For around £1,000, passengers were promised a week’s Mediterranean holiday of ‘sun, sea, sex and fun’ on the ship, where ‘everything is possible all day, every day, all night long’.

Ellen, a 43-year-old Belgian nurse, was one of those who lost out. She told Belgian daily De Morgen: ‘I just can’t accept I’ve been swindled. I really thought I’d get value for money.’

The Belgium-based official agents for MS Atlantis said they had also been duped out of thousands of pounds and have lodged a complaint with local police, who are currently investigating the matter

The local Belgian police are investigating? Well that's ok then. Back to bed Robocop, you are obviously obsolete...

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